Italian White Wines

101 Gavi La Scolca, Piedmonte

Delicate, fresh & fruity, well integrated lingering and pleasure aftertaste


102 Gavi Di Gavi, Enrico Serafino, Piedmonte

Delicate & fragrant with full fruit, a very friendly wine


103 Pinot Grigio, Santa Margherita, Trentino

Number one selling Pinot Grigio world wide, delicate an dry with excellent body


104 Pinot Grigio, Banfi “San Angelo”, Toscana

Intense, full tasting, fresh, fruity & crisp


105 Pinot Grigio, Bollini Grave Del Friuli, Friuli

Extremely well-balanced and layered with lemongrass and soft citrus flavors


106 Pinot Grigio, Altanuta, Alto Adige

Rich in body, crisp & refreshing on the palate


107 Pinot Grigio, Banfi “Le Rime”, Toscana

Vivacious, intense with a delicious light and dry fruity aroma


108 Chardonnay, Tormaresca, Puglia

Deep straw yellow color, fragrant bouquet of almonds and lemon and rich harmonious taste


109 Orvieto, Antinori, Toscana

Fresh fruity citrus flavors that linger and compliment lighter dishes


110 Moscato, Corvo, Sicily

Fresh and fruity with notes of white peaches, a touch of sweetness on the finish